Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hello. My name is Chérie and I take pictures of food. (Hello, Chérie.)

Before you start judging me, realize that we all have our "weird" habits. You know, that thing that people say while mentioning you to another person. "You know John Doe... he's the guy who wears extremely short shorts and runs everywhere."  One man's food pictures is another man's Star Wars collection. Hey, at least I own it--embrace it even. I'm that girl who whips out her professional grade camera in a fancy restaurant and starts to snap pictures while the other patrons look at me with equal parts of intrigue and judgement.

Many people have told me that I should write a food blog. (Yes, people other than my mom and husband... and for the record, I guarantee my mom won't be reading this.) In this blog, I will write about my many Colorado adventures... be it cooking, eating in dive restaurants, exploring my great state, attending concerts, etc. I've put a lot of thought into this blog before it came to be. I've come up with a "code", if you will, of things I will keep in mind while writing said blog.

1. I promise to post pictures. I recently purchased a fancy camera to take pictures of food--I mean, my kids. I promise to post those pictures. I also promise that the pictures won't be as spectacular as they could be... I'm just learning how to use my camera.

2. I promise to be honest. Okay, this is probably the part of the code that is going to get me into trouble. You know liars? I'm the opposite of that. I am brutally honest, and people have told me that I should strongly consider taking up lying... or at the very least, I should consider "bending" the truth and sugar-coating my opinions. Now what fun would that be?

3. I promise not to lead you astray with my opinions on food/places. If I say a place is awesome, you can bet your bottom dollar that it's awesome. If I post a recipe, you can bet the farm that it's spectacular (assuming you follow the recipe). Like I said, I never lie--especially when it comes to something as sacred as food!

4. I promise to post step-by-step, user friendly recipes. I realize that many people can't just read a recipe and prepare it. I will try to take pictures along the way to make things a little easier for you novice cooks out there. (Assuming people other than my husband read this blog.)

If you fancy food and entertainment, I encourage you to keep reading. I also encourage you to comment so I know that someone out there is reading. Besides, we all like validation, right?

Here's the Scrambled Eggs on Ciabatta with Hollandaise from the brunch menu at Olivéa Restaurant in East Denver. This is also the first food picture I took with my new camera.


  1. This looks like fun. You are now in my Google Reader.

  2. Thank you for not assuming everyone can read a recipe and prepare it!!!! ;) I look forward to yummy new food with your help!!

  3. That was me that posted as "unknown"!!

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  5. Thanks, CC!

    Wendy! You can do it!